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DISCIPLINE…it’s not a dirty word!

Keith Tusing May 19, 2011 1

One of the first things we share with a new volunteer in our Children’s Ministry is our philosophy on discipline in the classroom.  It’s really very simple: “We believe that every child has the

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Leadership Meetings…How to have Great Ones!

Keith Tusing May 18, 2011 0

Leadership meetings are necessary yet sometimes can be seen by some volunteers team members as just another time vacuum.   As leaders we know that team meetings can have huge value to everyone…the key is

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Youth Sports vs. Children’s Ministry

Keith Tusing April 25, 2011 0

Recently I’ve read a lot of commentary about how families are choosing youth sports over church involvement. I need to let you know up front that I’m a youth football coach for young boys

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Winning & Losing – Where do you stand?

Keith Tusing April 1, 2011 0

We live a society that often says “Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing!” I see it all the time in varying degrees in youth sports. Early in life I held to this

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60 Second Challenge – CAMP!

Keith Tusing March 25, 2011 0

60 Second Challenge - CAMP!

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Who are You Talking Too?

Keith Tusing March 21, 2011 1

One of the keys to successful ministry is recognizing that you can’t do it alone!!! If you are just starting out in ministry finding someone to come along side you is vitally important.

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Looking for a Few Good Men

Keith Tusing March 17, 2011 0

If you’re involved in Children’s Ministry one of the things that quickly becomes apparent is the large number of women involved and the need for more men. One of the first things that

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HOOPLA??? The Wow Factor in Your Ministry???

HOOPLA??? The Wow Factor in Your Ministry???

Keith Tusing March 13, 2011 0

Does your children’s ministry have hoopla??? What is hoopla you ask? Hoopla is the WOW factor in your children’s ministry. Kids today are bombarded by messages all day every day. We

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Top Ten Children’s Ministry Books You Must Read

Keith Tusing March 1, 2011 4

Children’s ministry has moved to the forefront as a legitimate ministry profession in today’s church. The recognition by churches around the world that an Exceptional Children’s Ministry must be a primary ministry of

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