What’s Next? Build World Changers!

Keith Tusing March 25, 2014 0

Whats Next? Build World Changers! Children\s Ministry YouthOk, yesterday I let you in on some of what’s been going on in my ministry life and promised updates. So, here goes the first one. Now that we have several structural pieces in place…What’s next?

Build World Changers! I love that term.  While I’m not sure who coined that phrase, I first heard it from Ron Luce and have been using it ever since. As we begin moving forward in this new direction one of the keys to success is identifying and coaching students who will make a difference. The great thing is that every kid has the potential. Yes, for some it is more readily apparent and in others we have to look a little deeper. But, I guarantee it’s worth the effort.

To take this step we must first describe how we want these students to look when they graduate from our ministry. Take a look at this example based on Sonlife Basics:

Building World Changers!

Based on Making Healthy Disciples/Sonlife Principles:


Where we understand:

  • who Jesus is
  • the need for repentance
  • the need to receive the Savior
  • Knows the biblical steps to salvation and assurance of salvation
  • Has prayed to receive Christ as personal Savior


  • we know the Bible truths and doctrine AND
  • we apply the Bible truths to our daily lives
  • Understands that the Bible is God’s absolute truth
  • Knows the major Old Testament and New Testament stories and characters
  • Understands basic Bible doctrines (God the Father, Jesus the Son, Holy Spirit, Bible, sin, salvation, church, Second Coming)
  • Has learned the essentials for Christian growth (prayer, Bible reading, forgiveness, overcoming temptation, fellowship, witnessing, faith, stewardship of time/money/talents)
  • Demonstrates Bible truths in everyday life (honest, truthful, thankful, patient, humble)


  • we are involved in systematic Scripture memorization
  • we understand, memorize and apply God’s Word
  • Participates in a Bible memory program
  • Has memorized key verses and passages (plan of salvation, 10 Commandments, Great Commandment, Psalm 23, Lord’s Prayer, Fruit of the Spirit, Armor of God)
  • Knows books of the bible


A. Personal: one-on-one

  • we establish and build one-one-one relationships
  • Respects and obeys parents, teachers and others
  • Demonstrates loyalty and love for Christian friends
  • Demonstrates willingness to forgive

B. Corporate: the church

  • we participate in the life of the church
  • Understands the privilege of corporate worship, communion and baptism
  • Actively participates in local church ministries designed for children

WORSHIP (Building)

  • we participate in genuine worship (praise, adoration and devotion offered to God
  • Regularly worships the Lord with other Christians


  • we have a personal friendship with God
  • we have time alone with God in prayer and Bible meditation
  • consciously loves God
  • Prays and reads the Bible regularly


  • we are filled with the Holy Spirit
  • we recognize that the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth, teaches us all things, and empowers us for effective witness
  • Understands that the Holy Spirit is a member of the Godhead/Trinity


  • we discover and use our gifts, talents and skills to advance the cause of Christ
  • Understands God’s provision of spiritual gifts for every believer
  • Demonstrates an interest in being useful to God and others

OUTREACH (Equipping)

  • we use our lives and our resources to reach other people for Christ
  • we share our faith and have a great commission lifestyle
  • Has compassion for the needy and unsaved
  • Invites unsaved friends to outreach events


  • we use our lives and God-given resources to care for others just as Jesus would
  • we reorder our lives, time, talents and possessions for the purpose of achieving God’s mission
  • Gives an offering regularly
  • Willingly shares with others in need

CHRISTIAN SERVICE (Multiplying / Sending)

  • we serve Christ and others both inside the church and outside in the community
  • Helps at home
  • Performs acts of kindness to people in need

MISSIONS INVOLVEMENT (Multiplying / Sending)

  • we participate in supporting and sending church planters and missionaries in order to get the gospel to those who have never heard at home and around the world
  • Demonstrates a growing awareness that people need to know Christ
  • Prays for missionaries
  • Financially participates in the Global ministry

As we move forward using the description above as our desired outcome for students will drive all of our decisions. When we talk about curriculum, Bible studies, small groups, etc. this description will stand as a frame work for where we need to go. When we begin planning events the question will be: How will this event move our students toward the desired goal? Now we have a target lets hit it!

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