We Keep Score!

Keith Tusing July 22, 2013 0

We Keep Score! Children\s Ministry YouthFootball season is almost here! My favorite sports season is almost upon us and I can’t wait! My beloved Houston Texans are getting all kinds of attention and expectations are growing. I will watch each game with anticipation and expectation – it’s going to be great. .  Fantasy Football – Yes I love it! I play each season with a group of guys and the goal is to win “the ring.” With each of these the score is the thing!

The score at the end of the game reveals just how well the team performed. So, what score are we keeping in our ministries? Why should we keep score? How can we keep score? How do win identify a win? These are questions we should work through in order to know when and what to celebrate.

So how do we implement this idea of scoring?

  1. Score Points – in football scoring includes touchdowns, extra points, field goals and safeties. Let’s take a look at our programs, activities and events and identify what scores: attendance, guests, parents participating, etc. Communicate to everyone involved how we will know when we score.
  2. Game Plan – each football game that I’ve ever coached involved game planning. We need a strategic plan for each program, event, or activity that identifies the steps to success.
  3. Game Film – in football we review game film to review the game and identify both the positive and negative aspects of what transpired during the game. We should take the same steps with each program, activity, and event immediately following it’s completion.
  4. Player Evaluation – as a football coach this step is crucial to team improvement. Individual decisions and actions determine team success or failure. Taking the time to evaluate each team member is a key component to success.
  5. Post Game Celebration – few things build team spirit and team loyalty like winning. Acknowledging a win and celebrating together is a fundamental key to long-term success as a team. Regularly scheduling volunteer recognition and celebrations will go a long way to building something special.

So – Get Let’s Get in the Game and WIN!

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