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Keith Tusing February 7, 2013 1

VBS Review #3   Gods Backyard Bible Camp   Standard Publishing Children\s Ministry YouthToday we take a look at our third VBS review for 2013“God’s Backyard Bible Camp” from Standard Publishing. I’ll let you know up front this is one of my favorites for 2013!

God’s Backyard Bible Camp

Standard Publishing


Lesson 1 – Serve Family

Under the Sun – Miriam took care of her brother Moses – Exodus 2

Under the Stars – Joseph forgives his brothers – Genesis 37, 38

Lesson 2 – Serve Friends

Under the Sun – Four men carried their friend to Jesus – Mark 2

Under the Stars – Jesus washed the feet of His disciples – John 13

Lesson 3 – Serve Neighbors

Under the Sun – A Samaritan man helped a hurt neighbor – Luke 10

Under the Stars – Rebekah showed kindness to Abraham’s servant – Genesis 24

Lesson 4 – Serve Community

Under the Sun – Zacchaeus gave to his community – Luke 19

Under the Stars – Gideon led God’s people in battle – Judges 6, 7

Lesson 5 – Serve Jesus

Under the Sun – Peter & John showed Jesus’ love and power – Acts 3

Under the Stars – Paul told about Jesus wherever he went – Acts 27, 28

Setting – Under the Sun or Under the Stars in your Backyard!

Message – Where kids have a blast serving Jesus – “Kids take the love of Jesus into their homes, neighborhoods and communities” learning to serve their families, friends, neighbors, community and Jesus under the sun and under the stars!

Focus - Service, Bible Content, Evangelism and Application


  • Excellent Director’s Guide – filled with tons of help
  • Planning & Music Disc Set
  • “Intro Activities” for each day’s Bible lessons
  • Strong Bible Content
  • Backyard Bible Pals are super cool reminders
  • Service Projects – “outward focus” on living what you learn
  • Small Group “guided conversation” and Crew Review
  • “Point to Jesus” at the end of each lesson – excellent!
  • Reading directly from the Bible is encouraged
  • “Daily News” pages are great encouragers for volunteers
  • Music by Yancy is great – Kids will love it!
  • Fun, doable crafts

Areas of Improvement:

  • A “Take Home” Family discussion piece would be a great addition
  • More contemporary look to the Bible Story posters
Click here to visit the GOD’S BACKYARD BIBLE CAMP  website!

Standard Publishing – “Each day – or night – in God’s Backyard Bible Camp kids will see God at work in the lives of Old and New Testament Bible people and realize that God’s promises are for us too!” The strong outward focus of these two VBS programs is really attractive to me personally. Teaching our kids to serve at an early age is critical to their spiritual grow and “God’s Backyard Bible Camp” is an excellent tool.

The most difficult part of “God’s Backyard Bible Camp” may be choosing between Under the Sun” and the “Under the Stars”! Included in the Director’s Guide and Cd are several format options that could be used for a second “Backyard Bible Camp.”

“God’s Backyard Bible Camp” is an excellent choice for VBS with a strong outward focus on serving and evangelism that includes strong Bible content. You can’t go wrong by choosing either “God’s Backyard Bible Camp” Under the Sun or Under the Stars!

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