2013 VBS Review – Investigation Destination – by Regular Baptist Press

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2013 VBS Review   Investigation Destination   by Regular Baptist Press Children\s Ministry Youth






Our first VBS review for 2013 is Investigation Destination from Regular Baptist Press. RBP has done an excellent job with the content and creative materials of this 2013 VBS Kit – if this is your first exposure to RBP and VBS is on your horizon this would be a great opportunity to explore their materials.
Investigation Destination
Regular Baptist Press


Lesson 1 – Code Name: Worship – The King’s Birth – Matthew 2 – Jesus is King and worthy of worship!

Lesson 2 – Code Name: Power – The King’s Power and Love – John 6, Mark 10 – Jesus is the King and His power and love are trustworthy!

Lesson 3 – Code Name: Praise – The King’s Triumphal Entry – Matthew 21 – Jesus is King and worthy of praise!

Lesson 4 – Code Name: Love – The King’s Death – John 18, 19 – Jesus is King and the Savior of those who believe in Him!

Lesson 5 – Code Name: Alive! – The King’s Resurrection and Return – John 20, Acts 1, Revelation 22 – Jesus is alive and will return someday for believers!

Setting – Secret Agent Command and Control Center

Message – “With Investigation Destination, students become secret agents sent out on important missions to discover clues about a special person, the King of Kings. Together you will investigate Scriptural eyewitness accounts of the King in action.”

Focus – Evangelism, Bible Knowledge and Application


  • Strong evangelistic emphasis
  • Solid Bible content
  • Exceptional mission project
  • Director’s Book is a great tool
  • Planning Calendar Included
  • Tips on screening volunteers included
  • The Bible Point is well reinforced
  • Crafts are affordable, doable and FUN!
  • I love the puppet – Tracker the dog
  • Special Needs children are addressed
  • Children are invited to receive Christ as Savior
  • Follow-up Materials

Areas for Improvement:

  • Opening and Closing
  • Music – could use a more contemporary sound – be less choral
Click here to visit the INVESTIGATION DESTINATION website!

As you prepare for VBS Regular Baptist Press’ Investigation Destination is definitely worth a look. Feel free to contact us with any questions or leave a comment.

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  1. Lindsey Whitney January 24, 2013 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the review. Music is such a huge factor in VBS content for us — but I love to see a strong evangelistic emphasis, and of course clear Bible content.

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