Top Ten Ways to Start or Recharge the Children’s Ministry

Keith Tusing September 7, 2012 0

Top Ten Ways to Start or Recharge the Children’s Ministry Children\s Ministry YouthGo Boldly to God. He has called us to this ministry so START with HIM! Seek His direction from the very beginning. Be sure we know HIS vision for HIS children and boldly ask HIM to meet the needs of the ministry.

Money – We NEED it – Go Get It!. We have not because we ask not. If the church says that children are a priority this should be reflected in the budget.  Don’t be timid – Make financing request with confidence because we know the needs and the benefits of investing in children.

Recruit the RIGHT People. Don’t settle for warm bodies. Ask the Right People to join the team.  Be proactive and approach the people that we believe will be great.

Create the Right Environment. Kids should be engaged from the moment they walk in the door. Make sure the room looks great and engages all of a child’s senses. Now make sure that we have the right a/v tech to build on the “look” of the room.

Establish a Great Check-In System – Safety must be a priority and collecting contact information from families is essential. A great check-in system will meet both of these needs.  Make this a non-negotiable.

Communicate Clearly with Parents – Use every tool we have available to connect with and communicate with parents.  Text, email, snail mail, telephone, printed materials – EVERYTHING. When we think we’ve over-communicated say it again.

Engage Kids. Games, Skits, Music, Video and more can be used to engage a child in the experience.  That is the key…it should be an experience not a lesson. Engage them and they will learn and they will enjoy the EXPERIENCE.

Current Music. Today we have access to so many great artist and so much great music that we should never bore a child with dated music.  Praise and Worship music is a great tool when we don’t insult a child with “old” music.

Creative Teaching that Matters. It has been said that it is a sin to bore a child with the Gospel. We should stretch our creativity every time we prepare a lesson or presentation.  Give them our best.

Love Kids. ‘Nuff said!

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