Object Lessons – Teaching Visually

Keith Tusing September 21, 2012 0

Object Lessons   Teaching Visually Children\s Ministry YouthStudies state that after 24 hours we have forgotten 90% of what we heard but we remember 40% of what we see. With that being the situation as teachers we should constantly be looking for ways to use visual presentations. I have been using Gospel Illusions (Magic) as object lessons for almost 15 years. Why? Because, I want my students to remember the key points and then I want them to talk about it for days afterward.

As a part of my ministry I have also performed literacy programs in schools and libraries that were presented as a magic show.  It is amazing to me how many of those children can still remember the key point “Dream, Live, Read” months later. Another great benefit is meeting kids in the mall or grocery store that shout “I know you, you’re the magician that came to our school!” What a great way to meet new families.

As Christian Educators we should always be looking for the best way to teach our principle or topic? Our goal as a teacher is to engage the student in such a way that they retain and act on what we teach. I have found that one of the best ways to engage children and make a lesson memorable is through illusions. Magic gives me so many great ways to present a memorable lesson.

If our goal is to encourage children to become well rounded in their studies the art of magic is a great way to drive students to stretch in areas that otherwise may be uninteresting.  Magic can be a hobby that involves children in learning mathematics, physics, history, psychology, and chemistry. What a way to be a hero to parents!

When we make learning fun and create a sense of wonder that is a huge WIN! A child that expresses awe and wonder at a magical presentation will be drawn to dig further. This can build an atmosphere of learning, curiosity and interest. A child that is drawn in by a simple gospel illusion can be challenged to dig further into the Bible story.

When we create awe in our classrooms or on a stage it can cause students to hang on every word, seek to discover more and know that learning can be fun. Give them mysteries and riddles to solve. Give the lessons purpose and make them visually captivating and your students will grow in their desire to learn.

I want to challenge each of us to put in the time to learn how we can engage children and create in them the desire to learn more!

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