Are your Children’s Ministry Volunteers “Invisible”?

Lynda Freeman August 13, 2012 1

Are your Children’s Ministry Volunteers “Invisible”? Children\s Ministry YouthAre your children’s ministry volunteers “invisible”? By this I mean, in the eyes of the rest of your church, are they invisible? Do the people in your church know who they are? Do the people in your church know what they do? Do the people in your church understand how your children’s ministry volunteers actually serve them?

In far too many churches the children’s ministry volunteers are “invisible”. People do not know who they are or what they do. Sure, they know children’s ministry volunteers work with the children and teach them the Bible, but do they really know what the volunteers do? Do they know how much time the volunteers spend in preparing lessons, finding supplies, praying for the children in their classes and small groups, making contact outside of class and all the other things they do as they serve? If you asked the people in your church, you would likely find out they do not know these things.

Children’s ministry volunteers serve out of “sight” in most churches. They are not the ones who are in the “front” of the church where everyone can see them. They are not the ones in the classes with adults. They are “invisible”. This presents several “problems” . . . or at least challenges.  When children’s ministry volunteers are “invisible” . . .

  • It makes it significantly more difficult for the church as a whole to hold these volunteers up in prayer. After all, how can they pray for people who they do not know are serving?
  • It makes it more challenging to recruit as potential volunteers may not realize the need nor be familiar with the opportunity to serve. It can be difficult to have a heart for a ministry you rarely see.
  • It can be easier for volunteers to feel unappreciated. While they do not serve for “allocades”, if people do not even know you are there, it can be difficult to feel like what you do matters . . . while we know children’s ministry does matters so very, very much!

In the coming weeks I’ll consider a few ideas to help your children’s ministry volunteers become “visible”!

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