Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Robert Shepard July 27, 2012 0

Slow and Steady Wins the Race! Children\s Ministry YouthWe know that the bible calls us to “Run the good race” and that it often speaks of our “Walk with God”. I know it sounds like a contradiction but let us not get confused.

The most important thing in all of this is NOT the pace we move at but rather, the mere fact that we make progress. We are not in competition with each other and we do not need to cross the line before our brother or sister. We just need to make sure we cross the line.

So in a random way, I would like to ask, if you could choose to be an animal in your race or walk, which animal would you decide to be? This is an exercise I am planning with our Revolution team and I am looking forward to the answers they will give. Although I can already guess some of them, I am expecting some of the usual suspects to be in there:

  • Lions ~ because they are king of the jungle
  • Elephants ~ because they are big and powerful
  • Cheetahs ~ because they are fast
  • Eagles ~ because they can soar majestically

The list can go on and on but you see where I am going. However, my own personal choice may be surprising here. I would choose a turtle. Yes, you read it right, a turtle. Not a ninja turtle but just a turtle.

My reason is this. The turtle only ever makes progress when he sticks his neck out. This is such a powerful illustration because in making progress, he moves at a steady pace, albeit slow but it is a pace where he can enjoy and take in his surroundings. In addition, in making the progress he makes, he will be blessed along the way for sticking his neck out.

Sometimes our walk with God or our race is never set out as an easy thing to do and there are obstacles for us to overcome. But the beauty is that our loving Father already knows what we are capable of achieving and there will be times where we will be asked to put in a little extra effort (or in other words, stick your neck out for God), but in doing so, we will be richly blessed.

So I hope you now see why I chose the turtle. The action of sticking its neck out is as natural as breathing and whilst this may not be as easy right now, we can make progress and learn to do this a little better each time.

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