Kidmin Time-Line for Big Events

Keith Tusing July 4, 2012 0

Kidmin Time Line for Big Events Children\s Ministry YouthYesterday, I was asked: “If you had six weeks to plan for an upcoming Children’s Ministry Retreat what would that planning meeting look like?” My first reaction was “We should have started the planning a minimum of six months ago.”  To create an effective and memorable event takes adequate time to cast vision and properly prepare.

Actually, we typically work from an annual calendar that is prepared a minimum of three to six months before the first event on the calendar. We have worked from both a January through December (budget) calendar and an August through July (school year) calendar as we prepare for the next season of ministry.  With that in mind these are the Steps and the Timing typically used as we Plan for a Ministry Event:

Six Months Prior to Event

  • Cast Vision for the Event
  • Church and Staff begin praying for the Event
  • Select an Event Director
  • Set dates for the Event
  • Prepare the Budget
  • Determine Ages/Grades that will be participating
  • Begin Recruiting Team Leaders and Activity Directors
  • Begin to develop a Promotion Strategy
  • Set goals

Four Months Prior to Event

  • Estimate Event Attendance
  • Enlist Directors and Team Leaders for small groups, recreation, promotion, decoration, praise team, etc.
  • Create a Calendar of Events
  • Schedule Planning Meetings
  • Guide the Promotion Team to develop a Promotion Strategy

Three Months Prior to Event

  • Set the Event Schedule
  • Volunteers to attend Training Meetings
  • Give Leaders a Supply Request Form
  • Begin Promotion Efforts
  • Enlist Praise Team Members
  • Enlist a Decorating Team

Two Months Prior to Event

  • Continue Promotion Efforts
  • Begin Praise Team Rehearsal
  • Begin Constructing Decorations
  • Individual Team Leaders host Team meetings

Two to Four Weeks Prior to Event

  • Receive Supply Request Forms
  • Continue Event Promotion
  • Continue Praise Team practice

One to Two Weeks Prior to Event

  • Distribute Prayer Guides to Church Body
  • Distribute Supplies to Team Leaders
  • Finalize Space Assignments
  • Conduct Individual Team Meetings

While this is not an exhaustive list of everything need to prepare for a retreat or large event it is certainly a basic outline.  Of course each event will have specific needs that can be addressed as we work through this list. The primary objective of this list is to keep our team moving forward with a productive time line. 

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