Family Ministry Success

Keith Tusing July 30, 2012 0

Family Ministry Success Children\s Ministry YouthFamily Ministry – Family Equipping Ministry – Family Involvement Ministry – Family Connections Ministry – Family – Family – Family.  These are the “buzz” words that are repeated, examined and dissected by most Children’s, Youth and Family Pastors today. However, what does it all really mean?

We live in a society where we have parents who are truly interested in giving the “best” to their children. But that often means placing them in the “best” schools, hiring the “best” tutors, getting them on the “best” teams, and finding the “best” clubs for them. So, what is the end-goal? Many parents would say they want their kids to be “successful.”

That is the critical component – success.  How success is defined is going to drive the decisions parents make concerning how the family engages or ignores ministry opportunities offered by the church.  This foundational principal will continue to drive the bus of real family ministry.

Let’s ask the question: What will change the paradigm of how parents view success for their children? Education – Money – Comfort – Power – these are all things that our society define as the trappings of success. Should these things really define who we are as people?

What about Spiritual Health?  Why is this quality so often relegated to the background? What can we do as Church Leaders to change this perspective?  It would appear that the best, maybe only, way we are going to truly change this societal push is to start with the family’s definition of success.

What if we opened a dialogue with parents that helped to flesh-out how success is defined by the majority of our parents?  This could potentially lead to an honest evaluation of what we are truly calling our children to accomplish.  What if our “new” definition of success included:

Spiritual Health – Sacrifice – Servanthood & Evangelism?  What if the success of our ministries were defined by how well we reproduced adults that were sold-out to this type of life-style?

What would have to change in our approach to ministry to make this a reality?  Share your thoughts. Share your successes. Share your opinions. 


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