Thinking for a Change #11 – Broken Windows

Barry Mitchell June 20, 2012 0

Thinking for a Change #11   Broken Windows Children\s Ministry YouthI’ve discovered ten phrases that can and will change our lives if we apply them.  The next few articles will continue to cover these truths and hopefully give you a reason to think for a change as well.

In previous issues we have covered 1. All success or failure in life is based on two things, the people you meet and the books you read.  2. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.  3. It’s not how much you make it’s how much you keep. 4. There aren’t any rules for success that will work unless you do.  5. “I am 100% responsible.”  6. Don’t expect a different result from the same action. 7. One person with a vision for change is more powerful than 100 with ideas.  And now 8. Broken windows may be prevented.

Have you ever noticed a broken window in a vacant home or building?  If the window remains unrepaired in time every window in the building will be broken.  However, if the window is repaired soon after the break the damage will be prevented.  This theory is based on human nature to care for those things that are cared for and pick at those things that are deemed worthless. 

A broken window is a sign that no one cares about the building.  Apparently when the owner doesn’t care no one else will either.  The temptation to throw a rock and break a window becomes stronger than the little voice of Mom saying “Don’t do that.”  It can all be summed up with two words, “Who cares?”  Some

It’s the “Who cares?” attitude that drives schools to teach character. Some may say it’s because parents aren’t teaching character.  But they are.  We all teach through our actions.  It may just be that some parents are teaching a “Who cares?” attitude.

What about you?  If you’re a children’s entertainer there’s a good chance you’re teaching something in your shows.  A school performer teaches character, reading, science, math, and maybe other subjects.  Some performers teach morals with stories.  Or maybe you’re simply teaching good behavior through the rules in your show.  But are you teaching that you care?

I wouldn’t expect abusive comedians to care because their attitudes are obvious.  Nor would I expect self-absorbed magicians to care.  But a family entertainer should care about something.  Hopefully, the kids and their well being.  Hopefully, we care enough about ourselves to keep our props and our appearance neat and professional.  Yes, our appearance is an outward expression of how much we care.  Do a survey of the windows in yourself.  Could you use a little repair work before someone else gets the wrong idea?  Who cares?  That would be you because you’re always thinking for a change.

And finally a note about these articles.  I fully admit that these are my opinions and I enjoy sharing them.  But I want you to have the option to share too.  If you agree write me, if you don’t agree, write me, if you think I should give my space to someone else, write me.  Let me know if these ramblings are helpful or otherwise.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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