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THINKING FOR A CHANGE #10   “Just ONE”  Children\s Ministry YouthI’ve discovered ten phrases that can and will change our lives if we apply them.  The next few articles will continue to cover some of these truths and hopefully give you a reason to think for a change as well.

In previous issues we have covered 1. All success or failure in life is based on two things, the people you meet and the books you read.  2. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.  3. It’s not how much you make it’s how much you keep. 4. There aren’t any rules for success that will work unless you do.  5. “I am 100% responsible.”  6. Don’t expect a different result from the same action.  And now, 7. One person with a vision for change is more powerful than 100 with ideas.  CAUTION as you read this, don’t assume it is just my political opinions, there is a message here for the family entertainer.

I was talking with someone the other day about how some people are litterally scared to say “Merry Christmas” and choose the safer “Happy Holidays.”  I personally am not offended if someone says Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa to me.  I’m happy they want to wish me well.  However, I am offended that a small group of people cause the majority to fear celebrating the actual reason for the season.  Like it or not “Christmas” refers to “Christ.”  It’s just history, we can’t change it or deny it and history doesn’t have to be offensive unless we allow a minority of people to have their way.  It’s the minority I want to discuss.  I am (one man) a minority and yet I touch thousands of lives through my children’s programs and materials I create for other entertainers.  Of course it’s my choice whether the affect I have is positive or negative.  You are also a minority and you make decisions about your influence on the world around you.  Here is a little history lesson about the power of the “one” to think for a change.

It was one man (Sir Edmund Hillary) that climbed Mt. Everest first and sit the pace for so many others to follow.  My agent (Todd Greene) represents dozens of others, including Peter Hillary, Edmund’s son, who motivate others with their Everest experiences.

It was one woman (Madaline Marie O’Hara) that began the fight to remove prayer from school.

It was one man (Martin Luther King, Jr.) that centralized the fight for civil rights for all Americans.

It was one man (Michael Newdow) that caused American’s to fear saying “one nation under God” when pledging to the flag.

It was one small group of rebels (General George Washington and troops and the Continental Congress) that revolted against the British to form the greatest democracy on the face of the earth.

It was one organization (ACLU) that fought to remove the 10 commandments from the court house lawn.   It just isn’t acceptable to offend those who do not follow the commandments as they walk into court for their trial. (Yep, that’s a political opinion.)

It was one magician (David Blaine) that changed the face of magic on TV and forced the great Copperfield to reinvent his presentations to be more street magic and off color.

It was one man (Sir Isaac Newton) that changed the study of science as we know it.  HOWEVER, that same man said his accomplishments were made possible because he stood on the shoulders of giants in his field.

It IS one family entertainer (YOU) that . . .

Thinking for a change.

And finally a note about these articles.  I fully admit that these are my opinions and I enjoy sharing them.  But I want you to have the option to share too.  If you agree write me, if you don’t agree, write me, if you think I should give my magazine space to someone else, write me.  Let me know if these ramblings are helpful or otherwise.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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