Lie-B-Gone – Object Lesson

Barry Mitchell June 28, 2012 19


Lie B Gone   Object Lesson Children\s Ministry YouthThis article was published in the Kidabra International magazine for children’s and family entertainers. Posted here with permission.

Lie B Gone   Object Lesson Children\s Ministry YouthLie B Gone   Object Lesson Children\s Ministry Youth

This month I have an incredible gimmick to share with everyone.  I’m confident that most of my readers will try this, however, you won’t share the secret because it’s just too good.  We magicians are like that at times.  But I hope you will share anyway.

A minister friend of mine, Kevin A. Clouse of Cushing, OK, discovered this by accident.  He calls it a God thing and I agree.  He was spraying children’s chalk art with hair spray to set the chalk so it could be displayed without getting ruined.  The chalk was on black paper and the spray caused the art to disappear.  Yes, disappear.  He was shocked that he had destroyed the children’s art.  But within a few seconds it came back.  Is it magic or science?  It’s probably science but it sure looks like magic.  Kevin discovered that it seems to work best with black craft paper, glossy side up (also goes by the name “Colored Kraft”), sidewalk chalk and White Rain hair spray, which is very inexpensive.  Most schools and many churches will have the paper on large rolls.  A friend may be able to get you a sample to experiment.  You should be able to buy it at a school supply store.  It only works once but chalk and paper are cheap.

Here’s the best part.  Within minutes after Kevin learned the principle, God gave him a script to use with his children’s church.  When he told me the script I was blown away.  For gospel performers you will love this.  Below is his script, which he is sharing with us.  Below that is an additional script I wrote for character shows.  Even if you don’t perform gospel magic you’ll want to add this character message about lies to your shows for children.  AND I wrote another anti-bully message script too.  I encourage you to send Kevin an email to thank him for sharing the principle with us all.

Hide-A-Lie (Gospel Presentation)

By Kevin Clouse

Set Up: Type or write out the letter from Lucy Fur, wrap “White Rain” hair spray in black paper and attach a label that reads “Hide-A-Lie”. Attach a piece of black Kraft paper, glossy side up, to a piece of poster board to catch over spray.

Presentation: Show bottle of Hide A Lie and tell the audience this is a new product you received and have been asked to test.

 ”I think we might want to read this letter that comes with the product.” (Follow the instructions of the letter, spraying the hair spray when it says “spray”. Read the letter in your best sales pitch voice).


“Dear ___,

I have sent you a brand new product to try. Please give the product a try as you read.  Please remove the cap from your Hide-A-Lie can and place your pointer finger on the spray tip. After years of research, (press spray tip) we have developed a spray that will hide any lie you tell (press spray tip).

Take Hide-A-Lie to school and if the teacher asks for your homework, simply say, ‘My dog ate it.’  Spray and the lie will disappear (press spray tip). Hide-A-Lie is guaranteed to hide any kind of lie. (press spray tip). If your parents ask if you cleaned your room and you haven’t, just spray a little Hide-A-Lie and don’t worry about it (press spray tip). If you see something at the store you want, just put it in your pocket and walk away. When asked if you stole it, spray and poof it will be okay (press spray tip).

After you try our product, we know you will simply love what it does (press spray tip). We hope you enjoy Hide-A-Lie (press spray tip).


Lucy Fur

I wonder if this stuff works. Sometimes we may try to tell a little white lie (write the word LIE in block letters on the black Kraft paper). Sometimes we may even try to tell a big lie (increase the size of the word lie). Let’s try this Hide-A-Lie and see what happens.”

Spray the black paper and the word will vanish. Once the hair spray dries the writing will come back.

“The Bible says in Colossians 3:9 ‘Do not lie to each other.’ The ninth commandment says, ‘Do not bear false witness.’ So to tell something that isn’t true is a lie. If we lie, there is no way to hide it; it will be come to light in time. We need to always speak the truth. The devil is the father of lies and if we follow his leadership we will DIE (Change the L in Lie to a D to spell DIE). The Bible says ‘The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.’”

Lie-B-Gone Spray (Character Show Presentation)

By Barry Mitchell

Being honest and telling the truth is a sign of good character.  Of course the better your character is the more friends you will have.  But I’ve invented a product that will allow you to be a lying dishonest cheat, and get away with it.  It’s Lie-B-Gone!

Now it’s possible to say goodbye to a lie.  With one spray you can fix a fib.  (Give a short spray in the air with each line you say.)  Keep your good name without the blame.  It’s all possible with Lie-B-Gone.  I’ll show you how it works.  You can start with a little white lie.  (Write the word “lie” in small letters on the black paper.  For large shows consider a large display board on an easel.)  As you continue to tell little lies you’ll want to move up to medium size lies.  (Write the word “lie” a little large each time you describe.)  With practice you’ll be able to tell BIG LIES.  Don’t worry.  No matter what you say or how many people you hurt Lie-B-Gone will make your lies disappear.  (Spray hair spray on drawing so it will vanish.)  It’s just like magic isn’t it?

With on bottle of Lie-B-Gone you can become the lying loser you always wanted to be.  (Talk to audience so you won’t notice when words reappear on board.) 

Wait, the lies are coming back.  They didn’t disappear.  This means Lie-B-Gone doesn’t work.  It’s a lie!  I guess that means our lies can’t be covered up forever.  Even thought they were hidden for a short time they came back.  The only way to have good character and be trusted by others is to NOT tell lies.

Bully-B-Gone (Anti-bully message)

By Barry Mitchell

We all know that friends help others and bullies hurt.  Is there anything we can do about it?  There is now.  It’s called Bully-B-Gone.  It’s a spray that causes the hurt, pain, and fear of bullies to disappear.  (Write the words, “hurt, pain, and fear” on the black paper in large letters.) 

We don’t have to suffer from bullies any more.  Just spray.  We don’t have to live in fear.  Just spray.  And we don’t even need to tell an adult when we are being bullied.  Just spray.  Watch how Bully-B-Gone makes hurt, pain, and fear disappear.  (Spray on letters.)  It’s just like magic.

You can get your bottle of Bully-B-Gone at most department stores.  You can clearly see the results of how your bully problem will disappear.  Wait, it’s coming back.  The hurt, pain, and fear are still here.  It didn’t work.  This is horrible.  This means there’s no way to be free of fear from bullies.  Wait, of course there is.  Friends help.  The best way to handle a bully will always be to tell an adult and get help.  It’s not a magic solution it’s the BEST solution.


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