Mission (IM)Possible for Kidmin Leaders

Robert Shepard March 29, 2012 0

Mission (IM)Possible for Kidmin Leaders Children\s Ministry YouthAs good as the movies have been, there is only problem with them and that is the title. The second word is 2 letters too long! Philippians 4:13 tells us so!

So, God has placed a calling on our life for a role in Children’s ministry? As scary and as daunting as this may seem, it is an awesome thing and a privilege to be part of something so great ~ and yes, I am speaking from personal experience here.

When God places a calling on our life, it is for a reason, not for us alone. The calling will always bring glory to Him and will be provisioned for, so do not doubt the calling or the caller ~ we are then questioning God himself and the plans He has for us. Also, in whatever capacity we are called to, be it a leader, teacher or even a helper every other week, know and believe this one thing, our Children’s ministry matters to God! The deeper this starts to sink in, the more enjoyable and fruitful our ministry becomes ~ not an accident.

If we think that our children spend 5 days a week in a classroom and then consider studying time afterwards, it adds to a very long time in a child’s life. So it is up to us to make our Sunday mornings a time where every child coming through our doors has that feeling of excitement, hunger and joy to be there and on top of that, leaves with the want in them to come back next week.

Are you prepared to think outside the box, go against the grain and do things differently from the manual (so to speak)? The bible is full of people who had this attitude and one in particular stands out for me when faced with a mammoth task. Ezekiel 37 tells a story of an ordinary man who God called to go and prophecy to a valley of dry bones. Scary! But because God had called him to do this task, he was able fulfil it and bring glory to God. ~ again, Philippians 4:13 comes to mind.

But we need to keep the priorities right:

  1. All the glory has to go to God and God alone always (it is not about getting a pat on our shoulders or a slap on the back and people shaking our hand and saying well done, God does that much better than any man).
  2. The focus needs to be on the children ~ after all we are beginning a process where their lives are taking shape and having a meaning and purpose, we need to get this right.
  3. Last but not least, we need to keep ourselves at the bottom of the list. We know in our hearts we play an important part in all of this but it can never be about us, better to hear our loving Father say “Well done my Son” than look for the attention of others.

So our mission, should we choose to accept it (excuse the movie pun) is a two part mission. Firstly, to transform our one hour every Sunday into the best hour our children will have that week and leave them with a wanting to come back, sooner rather than later! Secondly, remember that our ministry, regardless of size, capacity and role we play really matters. Why else would we find the following passage in the Bible of all places?!

Acts 2:39 ~ “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”

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