Clearing the Clutter – Simplify Your Way to Success

Keith Tusing March 26, 2012 2

Clearing the Clutter   Simplify Your Way to Success Children\s Ministry YouthToday I want to share some familiar quotes along with some steps that could help us all “do more with less.”

“Work Smarter Not Harder”

  • When are you at peak efficiency? At what time during the day are you most alert, focused and ready to go? How long does it last? Do your toughest work during this time of natural focus.
  • Create a work friendly atmosphere. Not only have dedicated workspace that is organized, but make it inspiring, inviting and FUN. I have Hotwheels and Superheroes all over my office along with assorted Magic Tricks that often elicits a “Wow” when guests come in.
  • Stir things up once in a while. Take your cell phone, laptop or notebook and get out of the office.  Fresh surrounding can spark creativity.

“Only Do What Only You Can Do”

  • Determine what functions only you can perform.
  • Know your strengths and your weaknesses.  As you assemble a team be sure to find others who are strong where you are weak.
  • Delegate things that others can do.  Remember delegate does not me dump. Be sure to follow up and encourage those you have given projects.

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify”.Henry David Thoreau

  • Start Early – an extra 30 minutes without distractions can be incredibly productive.
  • Keep Your To-Do List Short – try to only have 2 – 3 major tasks on your list
  • Prioritize Your List – know what is most important and treat it that way.
  • Keep Your Work Space Uncluttered – Ok, I struggle with this one – but I’m working on it.

“Keep It Simple Stupid”

  • Don’t add unnecessary layers – Keep paper work to a minimum.
  • Read it Once – Take the appropriate action the first time you read an email or memo.
  • Use File 13 Liberally!

There you have it.  A few steps we can all take to Clear the Clutter and Keep Things Simple!


  1. tammie jones March 26, 2012 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    Hey thanks! I needed this today. It’s Monday — the day after Sunday — you know the Minister’s Workday — and the day most resignations are written. ha. Seriously…..just these few words have been inspiration. that said…time to get to work!

  2. Keith March 26, 2012 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    You are so welcome! I know that many times we can get bogged down in the “stuff” of church and lose focus. Stay the course.
    Looking Up,

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