Kidmin Basics – Safety & Security Part 4

Keith Tusing January 31, 2012 0

Kidmin Basics – Safety & Security Part 4 Children\s Ministry YouthIn today’s world it is absolutely necessary to establish boundaries for how we interact with children.  Again, our number one goal is the safety and security of the children we teach. We are also responsible to protect our volunteers from false accusations or inappropriate appearances. Let’s take a look at two very important areas of safety:

 Physical Touch Guidelines

Appropriate Touch includes:

Gently touching a child’s shoulders, hands, arms, head and back to comfort

Using a gentle touch to redirect a child

Encouraging a child with high-fives, knuckle bumps, or pats on the back

Sitting a crying preschooler on your lap to comfort them

Inappropriate Touch includes:

Sitting older children on your lap

Extended hugging or kissing

Touching areas that would be covered by a swimsuit

Any touching to express dominance over the child

Restroom Procedures and Guidelines

It is always best to encourage parents to take their children to the restroom prior to bringing them to class.

If a child needs to use the restroom during class:

Two unrelated adults could escort the entire group for a restroom break

Assign a restroom monitor for all classes who remains outside the restroom door

If pre-school children request assistance the adult may assist without closing the stall

Ask parents of special needs children to define their child’s needs

Diapering should include the use of disposable gloves. You may want to call a parent to change a child’s diaper

Call parents to assist if a child has an accident

Every church should have clearly defined procedures in place to protect both the children and the volunteers. These procedures must be clearly communicated to anyone working with children. Please stress the importance of protecting the children to everyone involved.  What additional comments or procedures would you add to this list?

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