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Keith Tusing January 20, 2012 0

D6 Conference Children\s Ministry YouthD6 Conference

Sept 26 – 28     Dallas, Texas

Over the last several decades church discipleship programs have reached an all time standard of excellence.

We have seen more kids and students come through our doors than we could have ever imagined. But what are the results?D6 Conference Children\s Ministry YouthConservative studies show that between 70% -75% of the students in our youth groups are not attending church within 5 years after high school graduation: most of whom will never return. D6 is about a scriptural approach to a problem of biblical proportions.

D6 is more than a conference: it’s a biblical passage, a principle, a strategy, a way of life.

Deuteronomy 6:7 tells us three things: Love God, treasure His Word, and teach this to the next generation. The vision of the D6 Conference is to champion a movement of parents who disciple their own kids and teens in partnership with their local church. The D6 Conference is dedicated to helping churches, leaders, parents, and volunteers to develop a generational discipleship model based on Deuteronomy 6.

Most parents want to be involved in the spiritual development of their kids’ lives, but just don’t know where to begin. Parents are involved in sports, homework, and hygiene, but many find it challenging to connect with their children when it comes to their faith in Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, many people rely on the pastor, Sunday School teacher, or youth pastor to be the primary spiritual influence for our kids. The problem is we only spend, at most, four hours a week at church. What about the other 164 hours?

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