Children’s Ministry – How Do You Become a Children’s Pastor/Director?

Keith Tusing January 7, 2012 3

Childrens Ministry   How Do You Become a Childrens Pastor/Director? Children\s Ministry Youth

I  was recently asked “How do you become a Children’s Pastor?” On several other occasions and in multiple venues I have seen this topic discussed.  With that in mind I thought I would toss in my “two cents” in on the subject.

Education – I have read/heard a variety of responses to the question of education when it involves the position of Children’s Pastor/Director/Leader.  Education should be an individual’s first step when considering moving into the field of Children’s Ministry. Occasionally I’ve heard well meaning people state that you simply need to have a passion/calling and then begin volunteering in the ministry.  One question: Would you take your child to a pediatrician who has a passion to help kids and their only “education” was volunteering at the hospital?

Today there are a variety of ways to receive your education both traditional and online or a combination of the two.  If you have a calling to enter the field of Children’s Ministry your first consideration should be your education.  I would recommend an undergraduate degree in Business Management followed with a Seminary Degree in Christian Education.

Experience – While I do not believe that an individual entering the field of Children’s Ministry would be adequately qualified simply by their volunteer experience they certainly should be serving in some capacity at their local church.  Just as an adequate education is important, hands-on experience is also an essential element.  If you feel called to Children’s Ministry certainly you should receive exposure to exactly how ministry works in the real world.

Begin by talking to your Children’s Director and letting them know of your interest in the field.  Also, be intentional about serving in a variety of positions to get a broad view of all the elements involved in a thriving Children’s Ministry.  You should attend both small group and large group experiences and note the benefits of both.  I would also recommend attending a variety of churches as a part of your learning process.

Networking – I wish someone would have encouraged me 20 years ago be actively connecting to others in the field.  There are an incredible number of ways to network today and it can be one of the most valuable things you do for your long-term growth.  Be intentional about connecting both online and in person..  Leave a Comment and help shape the Next Generation of Children’s Pastors.

So, there you have it – my two cents.  I would welcome your thoughts on this topic


  1. Becky January 7, 2012 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    Definitely think that networking with others in your field is a must and getting exposure to the various roles in Children’s Ministry as well as other churches like you mentioned. I’d also add to join groups like CM Connect and other groups that can help you in that area as well.

  2. Joni January 10, 2012 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    That’s amazing…that’s exactly the path I took :)
    Was it yours as well? I sit in amazement when I look back, as I had no plans to be in ministry full time as an undergrad…and I’m really not sure why I chose business, other than just “being drawn to it.” I wasn’t even sure what it was when I chose it. After having kids, I went to seminary for my Masters in CE. God certainly was leading me because I use much more of my business degree in this position than I ever anticipated. :)

  3. Ken January 10, 2012 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    This is spot on. I know that in the past people have stumbled into children’s ministry because no one else wanted it or because they had volunteered so long someone finally gave them a paycheck.
    But this is truly the right path in my opinion. I particularly like your emphasis on getting a bachelor’s and then go to seminary. I wish I had learned that one. I went to a Christian college and was able to get a children’s position upon graduation, but I have found that churches look much more seriously at candidates who have been to seminary as opposed to a Christian college.

    Thanks for posting this, I hope many budding children’s pastors will read this.

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