The Gospel – How often do You Share it?

Keith Tusing November 12, 2011 2

The Gospel   How often do You Share it? Children\s Ministry YouthYesterday my family and I drove into Tampa to spend the day.  It was a beautiful day, 60+ degrees and sunny all day.  Our kids were out of school for the day and it was my day off. We went in with a list of things to do.

Visit  the Apple Store – incredible! That place is like “church” for some people and we could learn a lot about “customer service” from them.  But, that’s a blog for another day. Visit the Antique Book Store – fun but they could certainly take some cues from Apple!  See Downtown – there’s just a certain energy about downtown and I love to visit new cities.  Visit Bayshore Boulevard – extraordinary homes right on the bay – beautiful.  Visit Lettuce Lake Park – we toured the lake on their amazing boardwalk and ran through the woods hiding form one another – it was a blast! Visit the Magic Emporium – Wow!  l loved this little store.  Of course I have had a fondness for all things magic since I was about nine years old.  I can never leave a magic store without purchasing something new!

The Magic Emporium is what lead me to think about today’s blog title:  “The Gospel – How often do You share it?” Really, think about it.  When your kids meet for church on Sunday or Wednesday or for a special event…Do they hear the Gospel?  I know we all teach God’s Word (I hope) every Sunday.  But, do we actually get to the point?  I’m a former Youth Pastor (I guess still a Youth Pastor just with younger youth!) and years ago a book, Outbreak by Greg Stier, really impacted my ministry.

I began to tell my youth group that if they got their friends to church I would promise them they would hear the Gospel!  I honored that promise and God honored that promise.  Over the years we saw hundreds of kids come to know Christ and live for him.  That brings me to today’s question – The Gospel – How often do You Share it?

Yesterday, one of the things I purchased at the Magic Emporium was “The Wordless Bag.”  Just like the Wordless Book it shares the Gospel with five different colors in a very creative way.  I was reminded that every time I stand before a group of kids I need to keep the MAIN THING the MAIN THING.  We have an amazing privilege and incredible responsibility each time we stand before our kids - Are we taking advantage of each opportunity?



  1. Jeremy November 17, 2011 at 11:18 am - Reply

    This was just brought to my attention here lately: “Do the children and youth of our church know the Gospel?” To be honest, I’m not sure. Probably not where they can re-speak it. So we just started a new rhythm and intentionality where we share the Gospel in simple, concrete, and creative ways over and over and over again… because the Gospel is not just something we do once, it’s something that is supposed to be continually shaping and redeeming us as we live out the Gospel.


  2. Keith Tusing November 18, 2011 at 8:02 am - Reply

    Glad to hear you are being intentional about your kids knowing and being able to communicate the Gospel!

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