Getting Outside the Walls

Keith Tusing November 18, 2011 1

Getting Outside the Walls Children\s Ministry YouthLuke 14:22-24 – NIV “Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full.”

How often do we get outside the walls of our church and actually intentionally connect with kids to “compel” them to come in?  Sure, we promote our events…postcards, emails, flyers, etc. But what about face to face interaction?  I want to challenge all of us to be proactive in getting outside the building and connecting with kids.

This week I spent 4 mornings in one local elementary school and one afternoon in a different elementary school.  Both of these connections have been in process for weeks.  I have gone through volunteer training with the school district and made intentional contacts with the administration of both schools.  If we are going to reach kids in our communities one of the best places to meet them is the local school.

One of the connections is through the PE instructor at CRPS.  Her goal was to host a “camp” that would help raise some money for the PE department.  Together we planned a 4 day Speed Stacks Camp that met each morning before school. It raised a little money for the school, I had the opportunity to meet to some new kids and it was FUN!

The second connection was through the Volunteer Coordinator at RCPS.  I am now a volunteer tutor for a 4th grade math class. If my High School math teachers could see me now they would find this very ironic!  This is providing a needed service to the school and giving me an opportunity to meet new kids.

I believe that we need to be constantly thinking “outside the box” with how we connect with kids.  Sitting around waiting for them to find us is a very poor use of our time and talents.  The King says we are to “go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in.”  Let’s get busy doing what we are commanded to do and get OUTSIDE!

What are some ways you are getting outside the walls of the church?  What has been most effective for you in connecting with the community?  Leave a Comment and share your ideas!

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