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BALLYHOO #5 Children\s Ministry YouthBALLYHOO – beat the drum for, boost, get ink for, make a pitch for, put on the map, throw spotlight on!


SpitballsBALLYHOO #5 Children\s Ministry Youth

Amazing water-balls grow up to 200 times their original size.

Spitballs are the amazing orbs that grow up to 200 times their original size when immersed in water.

Designed for bouncing, throwing, and smashing, Spitballs resemble kernels of salt prior to activation. When dropped into a bowl of warm water, they’ll begin their metamorphosis. The longer they soak, the bigger they get. Growing to the size of a pea within five minutes, most Spitballs will eclipse the size of an acorn within a few hours.

If left out to dry, Spitballs will slowly return to their original size, so you can reuse them again and again. Each 50-gram bag includes approximately 1,250 slippery, squishy, and explosive Spitballs.

SuperStart! is the BIGGEST Christian Preteen Event in the country.BALLYHOO #5 Children\s Ministry Youth

SuperStart! provides a safe environment for students to learn and grow in their relationships with their friends, their leaders, and most importantly with God. Throughout the event, your preteens will encounter Christ through high-energy worship, interactive teaching, and small groups all designed with their needs in mind. When you bring your preteen students to SuperStart! you can be sure that they will leave with not only a great weekend experience, but also the teachings and foundation to further amplify Christ’s call on their lives to become Kingdom Workers.

Youth Leader Training on the GoBALLYHOO #5 Children\s Ministry Youth

is an easy way to train leaders and multiply your ministry’s effectiveness. Best of all, teenagers will grow deeper in their faith because you’ve invested in your volunteers.

Encourage your volunteers to:

  • Connect with God and build faith in every area of teenagers’ lives
  • Understand teenage culture for effective outreach
  • Discover practical, helpful ideas for ministering to teenagers
  • Work with parents to help their teenagers grow in faith
  • Find balance between ministry and personal life

This resource contains 52 training sessions for youth leaders. Encourage busy volunteers with these practical leadership tips. Everything you need for at least a full year’s worth of leadership training!

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