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Keith Tusing October 24, 2011 0

Just Ask! Children\s Ministry Youthby Collie Coburn Jr.

So there is a statement that I have heard countless times about children’s ministry, but I still need to be reminded of it frequently. The statement is this: “the most effective method of recruiting volunteers is face-to-face invitations”. It’s so easy to remember, and so easy to forget. For me it’s easy to rely on word of mouth, bulletins or emails, rather than tracking down someone to talk to them. Yet I was reminded recently that, while it’s easy to hear and then forget those other kinds of invitations, being asked face-to-face at least forces the invitee to actually pause and consider whether they should get involved.

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So, when it comes to effectively doing face-to-face invitations, here are some keys that I’ve figured out over the last couple of years:

  • Spend time thinking of different people you know, and see if any of them strike you as a fit for the children’s ministry. Sometimes you’ll realize you’ve missed someone right in front of your face. It really is worth it to block out 15 minutes and just run through acquaintances from the church.
  • When you approach a potential volunteer, come with a specific role in mind. That way, when you talk to them, you can give them an accurate vision of what the role will look like, while also being able to answer specific questions.
  • Instead of asking for a yes or no answer, ask them to prayerfully consider being a volunteer. If you ask people for an immediate response, they may either say yes out of a feeling of obligation (which doesn’t lead to a high commitment level) or they’ll say no out of intimidation. If you leave the door open for them to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you’ll often receive committed volunteers because they know they are not only responding to you, but also to God’s calling for them.
  • Be gracious! Even if a great potential volunteer says they are not interested, be nice, and don’t be discouraged. I asked a couple from our church to volunteer two different times, only to be rebuffed. Imagine my surprise when – six months later – they came to me and said they felt like they needed to be a part of the children’s ministry. Because they didn’t feel like they let me down when I first asked, they kept the door open in their own minds for later, and I’m really thankful for them!

These are just few thoughts. Do you have any face-to-face tips for others or me? If so, please pass them on by leaving a Comment.  God bless you as you look for more volunteers!

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