Fall Festival – Steps that Lead to an Exceptional Event!

Keith Tusing October 4, 2011 3

Fall Festival   Steps that Lead to an Exceptional Event! Children\s Ministry YouthMany of us are in the midst of preparation for our upcoming Fall Festivals.  This has become an annual event that has the potential to reach out to our communities and extend an invitation when they are the most receptive. When we extend this invitation to our community we want it to be a great experience and it takes People, a Plan and a Process to host an Exceptional Event!  So, I thought I would share some thoughts on how to make the process go smoothly and have the festival be a FUN event for both leaders and participants. A successful Fall Festival will be something that everyone involved enjoys and looks forward to next year! With that in mind here are the suggested Steps that can Lead to a Great Fall Festival:

#1 Choose a Director – Choosing the right person for this position is going to make or break the event.  This may be a staff member or a volunteer – the talents we are looking for is leadership and the ability to delegate.

Responsibilities for the Director:

  • Proposing and administrating the Budget
  • Seeking Donations
  • Recruiting Volunteers – be the point person
  • Supplies – create a check-list of needed materials

#2 Build a Team – This is not a job for the “Lone Ranger.”  Recruiting and training the right team is crucial to success.

Responsibilities of the Team:

  • Publicity – Get the word out to your entire community.
  • Outreach – Use the Fall Festival as an opportunity to distribute information about our church and upcoming activities.
  • Booths & Games – Brainstorm, create, and build the games for the event.
  • Follow-up – Register those who attend through a drawing and then send a Thank You Card and Invite them back to church.
  • Evaluation – Take a look back after the event and critique everything.

# 3 Recruit Volunteers – The very best way to attract Volunteers – Invite Them!  It can be just that simple, a personal invitation from a team member is absolutely the best way to get others involved.   Announcements, posters, videos, etc. will help get the message out – but the BEST way is still a personal invitation!

# 4 Involve Families – We all agree that parents are to be the Spiritual Leaders of their children.  The Fall Festival is great way to involve parents and their kids in a family project that has spiritual benefits.  Here are some ways that the entire family can be involved:

  • Create and lead a Game Booth
  • Donate Candy (every kid loves to be involved with candy!)
  • Invite their Neighbors and Classmates
  • Dress up together (i.e. The Incredibles) and act as event Hosts
  • Participate in Registering Guests
  • Help with Follow up Cards

Well, there you have it…the basic outline that can lead to an Incredible Fall Festival.  It’s NOT too late.  Start today a get ready to bless your community with an Event that will talked about for weeks to come.  Let us hear about your Fall Festival Plans! Share your ideas and Leave a Comment here at CM Buzz.



  1. James Buchanan October 5, 2011 at 10:53 am - Reply

    Hey Keith.  Good outline.  I would probably add:  Define your PURPOSE for the event.  Your stated purpose may guide and determine what you do and don’t do as well as gives a reference point for the evaluation process.  Also, along with your plan is contingencies for things like weather, crowds, logistical things, staffing issues etc.  One tip is to set aside a box of candy (small or large) for those who come late or didn’t get much candy or prizes.  

    This year is a transition year for us.  We are still having are large on-site event but we are moving into the community with the idea of being totally off-site next year.  This year we are asking 4 community groups who live in the same neighborhood to take a game booth, candy, prizes and a church banner and have a front yard “mini fall festival”.  This year we are targeting 1 specific neighborhood.  Next year, we hope to target 3-5 neighborhoods with our community groups.

  2. ktusing October 5, 2011 at 12:18 pm - Reply

    I love the idea of a “mini fall festival” in the neighborhood.  Great way to meet a few neighbors and make some new friends.

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