Transitioning to Family Equipping – “FMFG” Discussion & Giveaway Day #5

Keith Tusing September 16, 2011 2

Transitioning to Family Equipping    “FMFG” Discussion & Giveaway Day #5 Children\s Ministry YouthThis is Day 5 in our continuing discussion of Dr. Timothy Paul Jones’ new book “Family Ministry Field Guide.”  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to participate in our discussion!  It has been enlightening for me and I pray for you too.  Today we take a snapshot of Foundation 5 – Transitioning to Family Equipping.  We are also continuing with our Daily Giveaway and it’s a good one:

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Today we are going to touch on Foundation 5 and it is packed full of great observations, analogies and recommendations.  In fact, I think,  Foundation 5 is the “meat” and heart of the book.

The “One-Eared Mickey Mouse and the Octopus without a Brain!” These are two very stereo-typical pictures of how ministry happens in many churches.

The One-Eared Mickey Mouse – the head of the cartoon mouse represents the church as a whole and the ear represents one independent ministry (youth, children, etc.).  ” Although the ministry and the larger congregation are technically connected , the two operate on separate tracks, each pursuing it’s own purposes and passions.”

This approach became so popular that it has morphed into something even more frightening – “an Octopus without a Brain!” In academic circles this structure would be referred to “segmented-programmatic.”  The ministries our segmented by age groups flailing about for calendar slots and budget monies.  The family as a whole is rarely together and goes mostly unnoticed.

Dr Jones goes into great detail about the benefits of taking a fresh approach that he refers to as “Family-Equipping.”  This is an approach that goes beyond even the two approaches that are becoming prevalent: Family-Based Ministry Model & Family-Integrated Model.

The Family-Equipping Model simply means coordinating every aspect of your present ministry so that parents are acknowledged, equipped, and held accountable a primary disciple-makers in their children’s lives.  Family equipping is all about reorienting activities that are already happening so that parents are equipped to become primary disciple-makers in their children’s lives.”

Of course there is a great deal more information and food for thought in “‘Family Ministry Field Guide.” Let me encourage you to get a copy and spend some time thinking through all the challenges and implications.  Our families are worth it!

Question of the day:

Which ministry Model (Segmented Programmatic, Family-Based, Family-Integrated, or Family-Equipping) does your current ministry most closely represent?  What would you change if you could?

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  1. Andy September 16, 2011 at 1:00 pm - Reply

    Our church uses the Segmented-Programmatic model.  There is an emphasis on the idea that families need to do family worship, but there is no effort in place to help them do that.  Our kids go to separate programs taught by volunteers who are most often not related to them (sometimes parents volunteer in their child’s class, but not often).  We also have a large ministry to ‘spiritual orphans’, but this mostly consists of them coming to the church on Wednesday nights and meeting separately from everyone else in the church.  I want to see our church make more efforts to equip parents for home discipleship and involve them in more of the ministries.  I also want our ministry to the spiritual orphans to be more of a ‘whole church’ endeavor, where the kids that are coming on Wednesday night interact on a regular basis with more than just the children’s ministry team.  I’d essentially like our church to shift toward becoming a family-equipping church.

  2. Vanessa September 16, 2011 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    I think we may be somewhat segmented, but we also provide for family-friendly programs. I think it is okay to have separate programs for different age groups; however, it is important that parents are aware of what their children are learning and doing.

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