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Keith Tusing September 30, 2011 1

Intentional Parenting   the Bedroom & Time to Engage Children\s Ministry YouthThis week we have been hosting a discussion of Tad Thompson’s New book “Intentional Parenting – Family Discipleship by Design.”   Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the discussion with their comments.  Today we conclude our discussion with the final two chapters, The Bedroom and Time to Engage.  We are also giving away 5 copies of the book courtesy of Cruciform Press. Simply join the conversation by leaving a Comment and you will be entered in our drawing to be held on Saturday.

Tad points out that “a child’s bedroom symbolizes the hearts of our children.”  Being the father of six I can attest that a child’s bedroom certainly is a reflection of the child’s interest and personality. In this chapter the goal is to help us see “the ultimate aims of family discipleship.”   Tad offers the question: “What is the goal of Family Discipleship?”  Then he refers to the parable in Matthew 13:44 and the treasure.  He speaks of the treasure being hidden, the cost and the joy of the treasure.

Four Goals that Miss the Heart – Christian Parents tend to make at least one of four common mistakes in molding the hearts of their children.”

1. Children Who Love Me – an epidemic of parental acceptance as the goal

2. Children Who Love Themselves – self-esteem has become godlike

3. Children Who are Moral – seeing moral behavior as the goal of discipleship

4. Children Who are Successful – academic and athletic success Top the List

How Can we Help our Children Treasure Jesus above All Things?

TIME TO ENGAGE – below are brief descriptions of the steps “Intentional Parenting” recommends:

Consecrate Your Home to the Service of the Lord

Cast Out Every Idol

Commit yourselves to the Task

Commemorate Continually the Mighty Works of the Lord

So, what do you think?  What about the Four Goals that miss the Mark?  Do you agree? disagree?  How would apply the steps to engage? Share your thoughts and opinions by Leaving a Comment.

Let me encourage you to read “Intentional Parenting.”   It will make you think, maybe even challenge you to make some changes.

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  1. Vanessa September 30, 2011 at 4:42 pm - Reply

    I would especially agree with #3 and #4. I think that a lot of emphasis is put on temporary success in things such as sports.
    I also agree that is important to remember that we desire heart change and transformed lives, not only changed behavior.

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