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Keith Tusing September 1, 2011 3
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Computer Check In   KidCheck   a Review Children\s Ministry YouthWe recently did a complete remodel of the Elementary Children’s Ministry here at Gulf to Lake Church.  That remodel included the addition of a computer Check-In System.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to use several different check-in systems, both computer and “old school” paper lists.  I much prefer avoiding the paper & pencil route.

As I began to research which system we would use I knew there were a few things that topped my list of criteria:

1. Easy to Use

2. Access off-site

3. Minimal Data Entry by Staff

4. Multi-Site Use

5. Photo ID’s

6. Web-based

Well, my list quickly narrowed the field and helped to simplify the decision.  KidCheck is the system we ultimately chose to use.  We have now had two weeks of live Sunday Morning use.  So far it has worked extremely well.  The only snafu that we have experienced was as a result of parents who did not pre-register at home prior to arriving on Sunday.  This caused a delay at registration on our first Sunday.

One of the things that KidCheck provided were prepared letters and emails for parents explaining the registration procedure.  We sent these home on the Sunday prior to “roll-out” and we also snail-mailed them to every family.  While we did have a few parents pre-register, the majority did not.  The ability for parents to register from their home computer and not requiring CM staff to do data entry was a huge benefit.

I use MailChimp as our email service (and love it). KidCheck provides Excel spreadsheets that will import my parents email list right into MailChimp with one key stroke.  Following week two we have begun a weekly email to parents that describes what happened on Sunday along with some encouragement to engage the family in a time of play and discussion.

Overall our experience with KidCheck has been great.  I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a computer check-in system.  Take a look for yourself at KidCheck and let me know what you think.


  1. Elissa Reid September 1, 2011 at 11:22 am - Reply

    Glad to hear you are so satisfied with KidCheck.  Welcome to the KidCheck family and thanks for the recommendation and comments.  

  2. Jessica May 3, 2012 at 6:44 pm - Reply

    We have had a lot of issues with Kid Check. It crashes all the time and uninstalls the checkin software. For a SaaS model, I’m not sure why I am continuously reloading software?! In the 2 years we’ve used it, we have had it down for at least one service per month, and support can’t seem to figure out why, other than we can’t use it with wireless internet. We are actively seeking a replacement.

  3. John September 9, 2012 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    We also use Kidcheck and I’m disappointed this review didn’t mention the only way to check kids out is to use the families phone number or the bar code on the childs tag. This is time consuming and considerably slows down checkout. The child’s tag can’t be used because their tag can’t be used since the family member doesn’t have access to it (it’s on the child).

    While the online registration is great, it’s useless if parents don’t use it.

    Kidcheck has many great features but still has some issues to resolve.

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