And the Winner of our CM Bible Trivia Contest is…

Keith Tusing September 6, 2011 0

And the Winner of our CM Bible Trivia Contest is... Children\s Ministry YouthThank you to everyone who entered and answered the Bible Questions in our little Contest! Here are the answers to those questions:

“It Happened in the New Testament…Didn’t It?

1. Hezekiah was John the Baptist’s father.  FALSE – Zacharia was his father. Luke 1:15

2. Tiberius Caesar was ruler when Jesus was born.  FALSE – Caesar Augustus was the ruler.  Luke 2:1

3. Jesus made some healing mud by mixing His saliva with dirt.  TRUE.  John 9:6

4.  Peter was the Disciple “whom Jesus loved.” FALSE – John is believed to be the one.  John 13:23

5. Paul and Barnabas had such a disagreement that they parted ways. TRUE – Act 15:39

6. It was nearly dusk when the Lord caused a bright light to blind Paul. FALSE – It was about noon. Acts 22:6

7. Paul survived a harrowing shipwreck in the Black Sea. FALSE –  It was never recorded that he was in the Black Sea.

8. Stephen was seized by a disgruntled group called the Synagogue of the Freedman. TRUE – Acts 6:9-12

9. Paul had a secretary named Tertius. TRUE – Romans 16:22

10. Mark and Barnabas were brothers. FALSE – They were cousins. Colossians 4:10

Our winner is JEFF CHILDS!!! Jeff correctly answered all of our Bible Questions and WINS a complete KIDMO SERIES!!!  Thanks to everyone who entered and keep watching for our NEXT CM BUZZ CONTEST!

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