Pipes…Pipes…Pipes…Update of Our Children’s Ministry Remodel

Keith Tusing August 11, 2011 2
Pipes...Pipes...Pipes...Update of Our Childrens Ministry Remodel Children\s Ministry Youth

Pipe Work in Progress!

Now we are only 10 days away from our “Grand Opening” and we still have a ways to go!  In the early going the project seemed to move at a rapid pace with all the “big steps” involved.  At this stage it seems totally different.  Every day we are still making progress yet it’s not quite as obvious.

I’m excited about getting color on our Pipe Work! Take a look at the photo and you can see the bright colors we are incorporating in all of our Children’s Ministry space.  I’m so grateful to all of the volunteers who have given of their time to splash some paint on the walls and the pipes.

Here’s a List of the Big Projects that are in motion:

1. Audio/Visual – with the bulk of the painting complete we have begun the installation of the theatre lights, sound, computer, etc.

2. Flooring – the old carpet has been removed and the NEW is ready to be installed…waiting to make sure we have ALL the painting complete.

3. Check-In – we are moving to a computer check-in system and have just completed the initial contract with Kid Check (I’ll be writing a detailed review in future).

4. VOLUNTEERS – we had 69 NEW people interested in joining the Children’s Ministry team and I am in the process of interviewing each one.  It’s been great to hear all their personal stories of how God brought them to Gulf to Lake.

5. Training – following the interviews we have our first TEAM Training scheduled to share the details about our Ministry Plan.

6. Promotion – We will be sending a Postcard out to all of our KIDS announcing the Grand Opening and a letter out to PARENTS with details about our Computer Check-In.

7. Rehearsals – OK, when the interviews are completed and the Team Training has happened it’s time to get READY!  Next week will be our first Rehearsals as we prepare for Sunday!

Well, that’s the list!  Wow, I did mention that we are 10 Days away??????!!!!!!!  It’s going to be FUN!


  1. dan haggard August 11, 2011 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    WOW!! It’s been great following along and seeing the progress in all your updates Keith! What a Great Job and an Awesome transformation!

  2. Keith August 11, 2011 at 8:32 pm - Reply

    Thanks for your encouraging words.  It’s really getting to be exciting to see how things are coming together.  I’ll keep the photos coming.
    Looking UP,

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