“I Love My Bible” & “How to Use My Bible”

Keith Tusing August 18, 2011 0

I Love My Bible & How to Use My Bible Children\s Ministry YouthAs many of you know we are about to LAUNCH our very FIRST Kid’s Service here at Gulf to Lake Church.   Sunday is our “Grand Opening” of “The FUN FACTORY.” We have spent the last seven weeks totally remodeling the Elementary Children’s Space at Gulf to Lake Church.  After 100′s of Volunteer hours we are getting down to crunch time.  We are now 72 hours away from “Go Time!”  My next post will include some new photos of our stage area.

Well, along with the NEW Space comes a NEW Program.  My intent for our first series is to teach the value of the BIBLE and how to use it.  As I began researching materials to incorporate into this series I found two resources that I thought were exceptional and wanted to share them with you.

The First Resource I decided to use is “I Love My Bible” produced by the great folks at Church on the Move.  Let me encourage you…if you ever have an opportunity to visit COTM or attend one of their conferences take full advantage.  It’s a trip well worth the investment of time and money!  So, I found the resources provided by COTM at http://seeds.churchonthemove.com/series.  Simply register online – IT”S FREE (my favorite price) and you will get access to their series.  With “I Love My Bible” you get a lesson outline, graphics, a countdown, and a great Books of the Bible song.

The Second Resource that I have decided to use is “How to Use My Bible.” This is one unit from the DiscipleTown curriculum created and produced by Karl Bastian at Kidology. I love Karl’s passion and creativity! This unit includes more material than you could possibly use each Sunday.  One of my favorite elements is the “Table Talk” piece for parents.  It’s an attractive table topper that is simple to use with little prep for the parents.  I’ve found that simple is the way to go if you actually expect parents to use the material.  Also included are object lessons, small group questions, lesson planners, & more.

With so much of time time taken up with the planning and construction of the physical space these resources are a huge help for this series. Take a look at both and let me know what you think…leave a comment.

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