Day 7 & 8 of our Children’s Ministry Remodel

Keith Tusing July 13, 2011 0
Day 7 & 8 of our Childrens Ministry Remodel Children\s Ministry Youth

Large Group Theatre Day 8

Well, the last two days things have moved a little slower.  We have begun painting the ceiling and all the duct work a flat black.  Our Large Group production room is beginning to look a lot like a theatre.  We are using a product called “Speed Hide Dry-Fog” to spray paint the ceiling.  The paint actually dries as it falls to the floor for “easy” cleanup.  While it is certainly easier than traditonal paint there is a little more to the clean-up than just sweeping up the excess.

You’ll also notice in the photo that we have added our first large stage piece.  The idea now is to make it look like a Bank Safe or “Secret Lab” with a large spinning wheel and door latch.  It will be a very interesting way to enter or exit the stage.

Tomorrow we’ll continue collecting PVC pipes and connectors to create the “Fun Factory” illusion on stage.  Eventually we’ll have at least three entry points from backstage and possibly some “pop out” windows or portholes.  Our goal is to have the kids always guessing where the next actor will enter the stage.

Our wall colors will include Red, Yellow, Blue and Green in a carefully selected, random pattern.  Can you do that?  Carefully select a random pattern???  Well, I guess we’ll find out soon!!!  So far so FUN!  Keep checking back to see our progress.

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