Day 13 of our Children’s Ministry Remodel

Keith Tusing July 18, 2011 0
Day 13 of our Childrens Ministry Remodel Children\s Ministry Youth

Projection Screen Frame

Day 13 of our Childrens Ministry Remodel Children\s Ministry Youth

Pipes for Large Group Stage

Well after 13 consecutive days of working on our remodel I decided it was time for a day of rest! Yesterday my son Adam and I had an opportunity to visit the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. It was FREE (my favorite price) entry into the park yesterday and we, along with several hundred other people, took advantage.

All of the animals in the park are native to Florida. One of the highlights of the park is the pool for the Manatees (Sea Cows) and they were interesting. We also saw some very large alligators, which come to think of it should give us pause about swimming in the beautiful water here in Crystal River. There are many tours that advertise “swim with the Manatees” but I have yet to see a sign advertising “swim with the Alligators!”

So, an update on our progress with remodel. We have begun building our PVC pipe structures which includes the frame for our projection screen (check out the photos above). One our our volunteers, Rick, is a plummer and his skills have been invaluable for this project! Also, many thanks to the people at Kidz Turn for sharing their construction ideas.

We have just begun to paint in our reception area and will continue with that today.  We will continue with our Pipe Design and Construction and possibly get our third stage entrance cut in today.  Check back often for updates and share your comments on our project!

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