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Keith Tusing July 23, 2011 2
Childrens Ministry Lesson Planning   It is Your Fathers Business! Children\s Ministry Youth

What is shaping Kid's Theology???

In our most recent posts I have been sharing with you our Children’s Ministry Remodel at Gulf to Lake Church. The descriptions and pictures have hopefully given you a “behind the scenes” looks at how things are progressing.  While we continue to work on the physical appearance of our Children’s Ministry space we are also in the midst of Lesson Planning for the 2011 – 2012 school year.  Today I thought it would interesting to share how we working through that process and encourage you to visit some of the websites that have been particularly helpful to us.

I began the planning process with a few “Big Targets” that I believe are essential to the overall goal.  Those “Big Targets” include:

1. Information -  Biblically Sound, Age Appropriate,  Prioritized for Maximum Spiritual Impact

2. Presentation - Fun, Interesting, Conversational

3. Application - So what? … Now what?

There continue to be debates about what information is essential for Healthy Spiritual Growth and how much information is essential for Healthy Spiritual Growth. While I do not know the “bottom line” answer to those critical questions I do know that we cannot continue to do “business as usual.”  Today there is more money spent on research, curriculum development and curriculum promotion than ever before.  At the same time we continue to see our students and families walk away from the church in massive numbers.  With that in mind I am taking an approach that includes massive amounts of prayer and continued personal research.

Here are a few thoughts that have come out of my personal quest:

It’s hard to defend your faith when you’ve never been taught how to use your “Sword”!

Jesus defended his faith with “it is written” – are our kids equipped to be able to do that?

Our kids are the most technologically adept in history – how are we utilizing technology to reach and teach?

How does the Holy Spirit influence our services and are our kids aware of His presence?

Ok, so there are today’s “deep thoughts from Keith.” As I continue to work through this process I will share how things progress.  Oh, and those websites I mentioned earlier include:

All three of these sights have incredible FREE (my favorite price!) resources that have been beneficial to me in this planning process.

So, let me know what your thinking!  Click on the Comments Button above and share your insights about the planning/teaching process.  What are your “deep thoughts” about the process?  What do you believe are the critical elements? Check back often as we continue this mission of discovery!


  1. wanda July 24, 2011 at 11:08 pm - Reply

    I pray continually for wisdom, as I develop the Sunday Plus Curriculum, that the Lord will place those three “Big Targets” in the curriculum.

    My passion is that the kids will not just have head knowledge but that they will internalize the truth. That in that internalizing they will experience a transformation possible only by the Holy Spirit.

    We use a tool called “Reality Check” where the kids actually experience the concept that is being taught that day. It has an amazing impact on grabbing the kids and providing a lot of ah-ha’s. Because emotions are involved in the experience most times the dialogue continues beyond the Sunday Gathering – pulling parents into the discipling.

    A better description can be found here

  2. Keith July 25, 2011 at 11:25 am - Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing your heart and curriculum.  My prayer is that our kids will experience “ah ha” moments each week that will transfer in to life change!
    Looking Up,

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