Children’s Ministry & Captain America

Keith Tusing July 22, 2011 1

Childrens Ministry & Captain America Children\s Ministry YouthYesterday my son, Adam, and I flew back to Phoenix so that we can move the rest of our family to Florida.  After spending 26 days away from the family traveling and working in Florida it was great to see Julie and the kids! I made it back just in time to take my son, Tanner, and a couple of his friends to the midnight opening of Captain America.  That’s become a tradition with the Tusing boys - we attend the midnight opening of every Superhero movie together.

Speaking of Captain America – it was a great/fun movie.  I have always loved the idea of Steve Rodgers/Captain America.  He’s a guy too little and sickly to get accepted into the army, yet he is determined to make a difference.  Steve has the heart of a hero along with great compassion for others.  He’s an others first kind of guy.  When he is injected with the “Super-Soldier” serum he is immediately transformed and becomes the greatest warrior America has ever seen.  Wouldn’t it be cool to be injected with something that could immediately change you into a difference maker? Oh…that’s right…we can!  When the Holy Spirit comes into our life He transforms each of us into a difference maker.  The question is do we have the heart of Hero? do we have Christ’s compassion for others? The Holy Spirit’s power coupled with heart and compassion can make each of us  a “Super- Soldier.” The real question is what will we do? Will we take full advantage of the power given to each of us?  Will we do everything we possibly can to reach others?  Will we step up when the opportunity is there? Will we make a difference??? Let’s all be Difference Makers for the Kingdom!

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  1. Jeff July 22, 2011 at 3:13 pm - Reply

    Great object lesson.

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