Who is Your Sidekick?

Keith Tusing March 2, 2011 1

Who is Your Sidekick? Children\s Ministry YouthI loved comic books as a kid (still do) and I continued to read about some of my favorite superheroes even into adulthood.  Batman & Robin, the Green Hornet & Kato, Captain Kirk & Spock, are you seeing a pattern?  My favorite heroes always had a partner and/or a team.  So who’s your sidekick/partner? Who are you teaming up with to do this thing we call ministry?  Each church I’ve served at I’ve had the benefit of a guy who became my partner in ministry and sometimes that person would change as the ministry grew and changed.  Dave, Milton, David, Glenn, Bob, and now Steve were all guys that became my friends and part of that friendship was a passion for ministry.  I can’t imagine how different the ministry would have been without these guys coming along side me to be my friend, confidant, and team member.  There are still times I look back and marvel at how much they impacted me personally and the ministry for the benefit of both.

Often these friendships began because of a shared passion for ministry and the friendship matured beyond just doing ministry together.  My question to you is: Who is your sidekick?  Who is coming along side you to make ministry happen. Ministry should never be a solo act.  It is something to be done as a team and the best ministry is one that combines the gifts and talents of people who share the vision and passion for what God desires to accomplish.  Do you have a partner?  Are you actively seeking to partner with someone who shares your passion and dreams? Have you asked God to provide one? Remember, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.


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