Top Ten Fun & Free (or almost free) Things to Do This Weekend

Keith Tusing March 18, 2011 0
Top Ten Fun & Free (or almost free) Things to Do This Weekend Children\s Ministry Youth

Top Ten Fun Things To Do

The economy is still a dismal subject and everyone seems to be looking for a way to stretch a dollar.  With that in mind I thought a list of Fun Stuff for Free or Almost Free would be, well, FUN. So this weekend grab your kids and try one or more of these just for fun.

Indoor Mini Golf – get out your putter or a broom, a couple of golf balls, a few cans or cups, some books and cardboard.  Use your imagination and create your own course.

Play a Board Game – let your kids know that you can play a game without a computer and the Bonus is it can lead to great conversation.

Go for a Walk – make it an adventure, make a list of all the interesting things you see, make it a scavenger hunt.

Ride a Bike – when was the last time you jumped on a bike and went for a ride.  It’s fun, it’s good for you, and your kids will love it.

Visit the Library – we love going to our local library and my kids are involved in the summer reading program.   Check out the Best Sellers section, borrow a family classic DVD, get stories on CD.  We love “Hank the Cow Dog” and “Adventures in Odyssey”

Home Depot Kids Workshops – every month on the first Saturday Home Depot offers a workshop where every kid get to build a project.  Fire trucks, toolboxes, bird houses,  and lots of fun stuff.

Picnic at the Park – a good old fashioned picnic in park with a football or a Frisbee makes for a great afternoon.

Bake a Cake or a Pie – kids love the kitchen and what’s better that making a mess and enjoying the taste of a homemade dessert

Set Up an Obstacle Course – get out in the yard and use whatever you have to create fun course for everyone to run, time the event and see who can improve their time

Jump Rope – I’m not kidding!  Visit the dollar store and pick up a couple of jump ropes and get busy.

Get away from the TV or computer and get busy making some memories with your family.  You’ll laugh, get some exercise and best of all your family will spend some time together.  Send me your favorite ideas for Free Fun with your family.

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