CM Basic – 60 Second Challenge

Keith Tusing March 9, 2011 3

Today at CM Buzz we are starting something NEW! Don’t you just love new stuff?  We are introducing the CM Basic YouTube channel and the “60 Second Challenge.”

The concept behind the “60 Second Challenge” is that “Little Things Matter” and we want to encourage all of us to remember to do the little things.  I know from my own experience that it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of the day and the tyranny of the urgent.  With that in mind my goal is to share a 60 second coaching tip every day that will benefit all of us.

I’m a youth football coach and we work diligently in practice with our boys to do the little things right.  On game day in the crush of the moment those “little things” often mean the difference between winning and losing.  My hope is that CM Basic will encourage each us to invest some time daily to do the things that make a difference.

Each morning (remember it’s Arizona time) we’ll be sharing a 60 second coaching tip and hope that you’ll tune in.  We would love to hear how you use the coaching tip and any suggestions you think we could share in 60 seconds!  Just leave us a comment.

Check out the channel and subscribe to updates at CM Basic


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